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Products We Make
ESD Gloves
Sticky Mat
ESD Wrist-Heel Strap
ESD Garment
ESD Chairs
ESD Tapes
Earth Bonding Plug
Cleanroom Construction
ESD Mat-Curtain
ESD Wrist Strap
Ground Lead Kit
ESD Heel Strap
ESD FieldService kit
ESD Dispenser
ESD Brushes
ESD Tweezers
ESD Corrugated Box
ESD Box-Tray
ESD Magazine Rack
ESD Cart-Pallet
ESD Packing
ESD Tapes-Dispenser
ESD Pliers Screw Drivers
Clean Room
Cleanroom Garment
Cleanroom ESD Fabric
Cleanroom Caps/Hoods
Cleanroom ESD Gloves
SMT Stencil Roll
Disposable Products
Cleanroom Wiper
Clean Room shoes Cleaner
ESD Finger Cots
Cleanroom Face Mask
Sticky Roller
Shoe Cover Dispenser
Cleanroom ESD Shoes
ESD Chair Accessory
Cleanroom Swab
Cleanroom Mop
Vaccum/ESD Hoover
Dehumidfying Cabinet
SMT Splice Tape/Tool
Cleanroom Sticky Mat
Ionizing Instruments
Ionizing Air Gun
ionzing Air Blower
Ionizing Air Nozzle
Ionizing Bar
Voltage Genetator
Simco Series
Soldering Station
Soldering Station
Desoldering Station
Soldering Pot
ESD vacuum pen
Smoke Absorber
Rework System
Soldering Irons
Soldering Tips
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Lean Pipe Products
logistics Lean Pipe
ESD Work Bench
Ordinary Work Bench
Multiple Layers Work Bench
Bilateral Work Bench
Lighting Work Bench
Lean Pipe Storage Rack
Lean Pipe Production Line
Lean Pipe Joint
Lean Pipe Accessories
Roller Track Connector
Table Top
Caster Series
ESD Cart Trolley
Plastic Connector
Testers &Tools
Wrist Strap Tester
Wrist Strap monitor
Surface ResistTester
Static Field Tester
Hammer S.R tester
Strap Tester
Particle Counter
SMD Counter
Auto Screw Supplier
E-Screw Driver
Torque Tester
Auto Glue Dispenser
Hot Air/Glue Gun
Force Tester
Other Equipment
Cleanroom Project
Cleanroom Construction
ESD Floor Construction
Clean Booth
Cleanroom Bench
Cleanroom Filter
Cleanroom Air Shower
Cleanroom Equipment
Cleanroom Pass Window
ESD Gate System


   We,Aidacom, established in 2002, rooted from a small plant in 1999, is located in Shenzhen,south of China .We are specialized in manufacturing ESD Gloves,ESD Heel/Wrist Strap,ESD Garment,ESD Chairs,ESD Sticky mat,ESD Mat and ESD Tapes. And also we are a leading distributor with 10 years experience for all ESD& Cleanroom products such as ESD Tools , ESD Packing ,Clean room Consumables,Equipments,Solsering stations and Testers.
   Antiszone is the branch of Aidacom is engaged in manufacturing Ionizing Instruments .Our Ion Instrument brand “ATS” is becoming more and more famous.
About our customers……
Our customers are involved in various sectors:Micro electronics, Automotive ,Electronics, Medical, Clean Room.Our Customer base includes. LG Electronics, Flextronics, Foxconn, Panasonic,Alcatel and so on.We are identified as one of the most trustworthy suppliers of the above Product .This also enabled the enterprise in occupying an invincible position in the market.
 Moreover, we have made diligent efforts to provide prolific deals and maintain long term Good Business Relationship with our esteemed clients offering a competitive Price
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is one of our Prime Mottos.
We do not compromise in Quality. We periodically take the feedback from our customers and make course corrections wherever required.
Quality Assurance
As our AIM is to serve the customers with good quality materials in TIME, we supply the materials as per Customer’s requirement ( for size and quantity ) under the supervision of our quality control executives. The quality control starts right from the procurement stage to the final delivery stage of the Product.
Ware - House
We have spacious warehouse to stock the Product in order to meet Customer’s bulk and urgent requirements. This helps us to face the challanging delivery needs of the goods to the various customers. Our warehouse is specifically designed for safe storage of the materials during various seasons of the entire year .
About our Team
We have a team of dedicated ,Energitic and Experienced personnel to achieve the Market needs and provide required Service to obtain Customer Satisfaction.All your enquiries may please be sent to our mail ID : sales@aidacom.com.cn or  aidacom@aidacom.com.cn . Moreover, customers are eased with the readiness of  our products at the most affordable prices and with stipulated time frame.
About Our Products
We are reckoned as one of the most prominent ESD Gloves,ESD Heel/Wrist Straps,ESD Stciky mat,ESD Rubber mat ,ESD Tape ,ESD Garment and ESD Shoes Suppliers in European countries. We are also wholesale supplier for all kinds of ESD&Cleanroom products to both the retailers and Industries where it is required with excellent price as well as quality. We are recognized as one of the most biggest and professinal Suppliers in China.
About Our Throughput
ESD Knitted Gloves-26,000,000 pairs per month
ESD lint free Gloves-4,500,000 pairs per month
ESD Heel Grounder-6,000,000 pcs per month
ESD Wrist Straps-6,000,000 pcs per month
ESD Garment-30,000 sets per month
Sticky Mat-10,000 mats per month
ESD Mat-1,000 rolls per month
ESD Chairs-1,500 pcs per month
ESD Tapes-100,000 rolls per month

     We are looking forward to cooperating with you.we will make our every effort to bring you more perfect products,more professional service, and more profit.....


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